Poonam Sharma, Director-Human Resources at Heidelberg cement Said, “I have had the opportunity to work with Sukhdeepak on several occasions in my current and previous assignment as Head of HR. . His style of training is unique and path breaking, managing to awaken the core of the participants. Not only is the learning intense, but is immense lot of fun. It’s been an enriching association.”

Corporate executives, who have taken Sukhdeepak’s corporate training, experience fresh perspectives on team as well as personal challenges and opportunities. They get enhanced decision-making skills, creativity and innovation, and superior interpersonal relationships. They are able to remove fear and risk averseness and experience an increase in confidence and clarity in implementing their chosen work and life roles. With Sukhdeepak’s powerful sessions, one can expect to see appreciable positive results in the areas of productivity and efficiency, satisfaction with work and life, and on achievement of organizational or personal goals.

After working with big multinational companies, Sukhdeepak discovered his passion and got training from an American Training Organization. He has conducted Communication and Management of Change workshops in 17 countries including China, Malaysia, Bhutan, Iran, Mongolia, Syria, etc. From last 30 years, Sukhdeepak has been conducting bold and powerful programs that help organizational transformation.

Flagship Programs of Sukhdeepak:

  • A Breakthrough in Effectiveness.
  • The Purposeful Manager Program – a Leadership Development Program – developing high-performance teams.
  • MBTI for team building and enhancing interpersonal skills.
  • Communication for Action and results
  • Enhancing SQ for struggle-free results

Other Programs:

  • Stress Management
  • Managing self for a balanced life
  • Team Development
  • Life Coaching using Semantic Transformation Processing
  • Transforming interpersonal effectiveness
  • Enhancing managerial effectiveness
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  • Feedback for growth
  • Time Management – Finding time to do what you love to do
  • Competency-Based Interviewing Skills
  • Enhancing Productivity and Personal impact
  • Team development
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Personal Growth using MBTI
  • Reinventing Company culture and working practices
  • Enrolling your team into your company vision