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How to Become Money Workbook

Achieve a life of prosperity by breaking down the limiting beliefs you hold about money.

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Experience How to Become Money Workbook

Do you often feel inadequate in money matters?

Is money stopping your life from being grand and abundant?

 It is time to take the rein and start having more money.

Take control of your finances, by taking control of your beliefs and points of view.

Join our 12 week journey on HOW TO BECOME MONEY WORKBOOK – 8.30 to 10 PM IST via Zoom, every Friday and Saturday – starting this 14th April.

That stops you from creating money and START BEING MONEY!

Keys Takeaways:

  1. Bi-Weekly Coaching sessions.
  2. Personalized mentorship.
  3. Recorded sessions.

Want to know how you become money workbook?

Here is a sneak preview of the outcome of the 12 Sessions

Pre-Work – Discover, what’s so about money for you

Chapter 1 – What is money

Chapter 2 – What does money mean to you

Chapter 3 – What emotions do you have when you think of money

Chapter 4 – What does money feel like to you

Chapter 5 – What does money look like to you

Chapter 6 – What does money taste like to you


Chapter 7 – From which direction does the money come to you

Chapter 8 – Do you have more than you need, or less?

Chapter 9 –What colour is money for you and what

Chapter 10 – Product listing nuances

Chapter 11 – What are your three worst problems with money

Chapter 12 – What do you have more of – Money or Debts

Chapter 13 – What three things would be a solution to your current financial situation


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