Why Choose Sukhdeepak As Your Mentor

Human transformation is Sukhdeepak’s passion and he conducts bold and outrageous programs which deeply impact the quality of life and your results. He makes sure that all his participants have significant breakthroughs in their lives.

What makes Sukhdeepak exceptional is that every learning that he imparts has been used and experienced by him during the last 34 years.

He offers multiple training packages related to different areas of life.  He beautifully blends learning opportunities with your needs or the needs of your organization. He ensure that learning is internalized, sustained and implemented and will go to any extent to do so.

An unconventional being of mixed parentage, Sukhdeepak’s mother was a South Indian Christian and father was a Gurjanwala born Sikh. One thing which was common between them was Indian Army. That’s the reason Sukhdeepak considers “Indian” as his religion. He has tasted the culture and lives of every state of India therefore his lifestyle reflects pure, vibrant, and versatile Indian culture.

After completing his education he  spent many years with large multinational companies and  in 1982 he discovered his calling and moved to an American Training organization (conducting training in 17 countries). He got training here and worked closely with Khursheed Merchant, rated as ” one of the most innovative trainers in the corporate world” by India Today. They together did pioneer and path-breaking work of introducing and creating acceptance of Transformational Workshops, which were then new to the Corporate world.

Sukhdeepak has also been trained by MODA, New York for conducting Communication and Management of Change Workshops for UNDP (United Nations Development Program). He has conducted some of the most powerful and transformative programs in countries like China, Mongolia, Malaysia, Bhutan, Samoa, Yemen, Iran, India, East Timor, Syria, Laos, Papua New Guinea, and North Korea.

Apart from this, he has trained  large the staff of a number of organizations including Airtel, ACME, American Express, Birlasoft,  Bechtel, Bosch Rexroth, Bharat Petroleum, British Telecom, C-Dot, Daks, DCM Technologies, DS Group, Carrier Aircon Ltd., Ciena, Entity Solutions, Era Group, Fibcom, Gulbrandsen Technologies, HCL, IBILT, JCB, L&T , Secure Meters, Heidelberg Cement, TCS, O&M Advertising, PWC, Value First Digital Media Pvt. Ltd., Voith Paper, Xylem and many others.