5 Red flags to look in for yourself

As humans, we are quicker to find out red flags in other people than the ones in ourselves. 

Call it a personal bias or just ignorance, but until we see ourselves for what we are without a rose-colored glass or a judgment, there are no opportunities to improve. This also directly impacts our confidence and creativity. 

Want to make better rational decisions, nurture your relationships and communicate more effectively?

Look at yourself in a mirror and try to spot your red flags – small things that go unnoticed by ourselves. 

Here are five red flags to look out for in yourself:

Are you constantly 

  • Criticizing and putting yourself down
  • Blaming others or the circumstances for failures, always
  • Not standing up for yourself due to the fear of conflict/fear
  • Basing our worth on people’s validation/approval
  • Allowing people to cross our boundaries

As you might already know, being self-aware, accepting, and recognizing your flaws are the right steps toward change and improvement.

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