Are you addicted to Busy-ness?

Being Productive > Being busy.

As a culture, somehow we’ve normalized—we even praise—busyness addiction. 

But are we achieving anything by staying so busy in our lives?

Be honest with yourself: Why are you hiding behind your “to do” list? 

How might you feed your spirit, so that we can avoid filling the void with busyness?

5 ways to reprogram and refocus on your priorities

Here are some tips on how to avoid this trap of “busyness”

1. Recognize the problem

Busyness is not something that “happens” to you. But it is mostly a result of choices made.

Do an honest time audit and ask yourself: What is contributing to this sense of busyness in my life?

2. Start by saying “no” consciously

Saying no is really not just saying no, but it is saying “yes” to something better.

Here it’s saying “yes” to better relationships and things that you enjoy and love.

3. Take “busyness detox”

Set a time frame for reset that will give you a real chance to make change.

It can open you up to new ideas and ways to heal and connect and create memories.

Read, rest, recover, relax, only work on essential projects only when felt inspired to do so.

4. Block your time

Schedule your work and your free time in blocks.

Always make sure you leave time for yourself, even if it’s a small break for a walk or two, to deliberately disconnect from your work.

5. Pause and ponder

Let yourself contemplate these questions for a moment and be honest about the answers.

What’s keeping you busy? And is it worth it?

Are there things on your to do list you should remove?

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